Beginning to blog, step by step

I have thought about blogging for some time, but haven’t ever managed to start. I like to write, but haven’t had the right state of mind to wrote my thoughts down. If the blog isn’t working out for me, I’ll try to be a lot more active on Twitter at least. I’ve been way too passive in Twitter in general. I should have something to tweet about, because I usually have quite strong opinions on things that I am interested in.

Last year was a though one, thanks to the master’s thesis and work projects. I actually wrote the thesis two times, because I had to change the subject after a total writing block. The subject just was so difficult to be continued in its written state. Even the refactoring pioneer Martin Fowler did not have any usable tips or topics concerning my research. Actually he had one: how to justify refactoring when quality is tradeable? But that’s a huge thing to research! And, I mean.. ground-breaking when solved.

But, now it’s the time for new adventures. Time to go crazy with frontend development! As I have been getting more and more interested in the dynamic client stuff with JavaScript. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still the usual PHP guy, but I want to concentrate more on the modern frontend stuff. Creating some superb SPAs, and such, would be awesome next step for me. Although, there could be some hair pulling when the frontend techs are evolving in such a fast pace. But I’ll manage well, because I just can’t wait to master them.

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