Welcome to my new portfolio

As a celebration of my recent graduation from University of Tampere, I decided to revise my portfolio. So, I decided to get familiar with Jekyll and started to make it happen. And now, it’s done.

I’ve been lately messing around more with frontend development. I’ve been developing PHP stuff for years, but as JavaScript has settled in for the era of SPAs I started to move towards it. However, it is somewhat sad fact that the modern frontend development isn’t that easy. There are an endless amount of frontend JavaScript packages to browse, learn and use. For the sake of chaos, there are new ones being released continuously. As the pace of JS tech releases are all over the place, when you pick a framework, a five times better one is released soon after. Hence, the learning curve of a single one isn’t the only thing to worry about.

Back to the point. JavaScript development raised my interest at my previous job when couple of projects included a lot of client side interactivity. jQuery was the first step for me to get crazy with JS, but I have thought to get into vanilla JS step by step. Since then, I have only dug deeper into the rabbit hole of JS and I kind of like the challenge in the field. At least there’s lot to learn all the time and you have to keep the focus on the relevant techs.

I have done a project of my own with AngularJS and started one with ReactJS. But as AngularJS 2.0 is coming soon, I think I’ll wait for it and refactor the 1.x project for it later. In the meantime, I think I’ll learn ReactJS and do something with it with Backbone or something.

So, big chunk of my time seems to be going into personal JavaScript projects in the near future. I will be doing something generic, so I would have a reason to start using GitHub for real. Just have to storm some neat ideas…

However, to keep things difficult, iOS development is one of those things that I really want to get into also. Might be one kind of issue to manage the time available and prioritize these things. There are just way too many super interesting stuff out there to get excited about. ;)

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